• QuadCom App Features Overview +

    QuadCom App Features Overview

    You can make encrypted calls for free to all your contacts and friends who use QuadCom. Its indicate you out of the box, if you can make free audio & video calls to your contacts over the triple point action Icon.

    You can make encrypted video calls for free to all your contacts and friends who use QuadCom. You can start adding video from a current audio call

    Send and receive encrypted messages for free to all your contacts and friends who use QuadCom. Send any pictures or movie from your library, create new photo or video straight from your message view. Send audio or video greetings and share your current location to your friends.

    Use your built-in camera straight from the conversation view to take and send a snapshot. It will use flash if the surrounding ambience will require flash and you can switch from front to face camera view for a selfie

  • QuadCom App Features while on audio call +

    You can mute or umute a call or switch audio to speaker.

    You can put a call to hold. Simply unhold'em or start a new call. Called Party on Hold will hear background music

    You can simply add one or more contacts to an active call and join them for conference. This can be QuadCom User, Any Phone Number or if you are QloudPBX User, any extension of your co-workers. Anywhere - anytime

    While you are on a active call, you still can share media files, text and geo locations with your calling party.

  • QuadCom App Menu Items +

    On your user profile you can complete you personal information. We recommend to set at least your Password and your email address.

    Further you can set an additional QuadCom-ID, which is used as your Nickname where your friends can search for.

    Please note, that if you use QuadCom Out to call to any regular phone number, and you have choosen instead of your Mobile CID or any other purchased number to signalize,to display your QuadCom-ID as Nickname, Calls will be sent out anonymously and people can not call you back.

    We recommend to set under your personal details your first and last name honestly. We assure to not deal with your data, check our policy and eula within the app. Your Personal Data may be used for payment processes for In App Purchases and upcoming features, where we listen to users.

    On your personal QuadCom Account you can check all our rate cards by choosing your country of interest

    You can buy a local or any international or toll free number for subscription duration of your choice with instant activation after you purchase

    You can choose from our existing subscription plans where you can call for a monthly flat rate to a specific region or everywhere. We will add each week more of them

    You can top-up your Account straight within your existing Apple iTUnes or GooglePlay/Wallet Account to top up your prepaid account for 5, 10, 15 or 25 Dollar to make cheap landlineor mobile calls to any destination around the world.

    On Web Browser Login from this Website, you can pay top up your account using paypal, voucher codes, or top up over your account the accounts of your kids.

    And guess what, on Web Browser you will have the same and more features as on the App. You can chat, make and receive calls over your Web Browser. Further you can top up the PrepaidSIM Card of your buddies around this world from a list of over 400 GSM Mobile Providers.

    Invite you all your friends to QuadCom to call'em for free, chat for free in a easy and secure way.

    For each invite you bring to QuadCom, you will receive 20 Cents to make calls to any network on the world.

    Use your Dialpad to call out any landline or mobile phone number around the world. Please note, that you will dial in international number format such as+1 555 XXX XX or 001 555 XXX XX. If your account is connected to an business account (QloudPBX) you can dial any company extension you like to dial

    Swiss Users are allowed to dial in their national format as well like 078 XXX XX XX. Dialing in local number format is something we will add in near future for other countries as well.

    On the Menu Settings, you can enable or disable Push Notifications. Push Notification will be used to notify you on incoming calls, incoming messages. You should mentionto keep this always checked and active. On Android you can further choose, due poor integration on system level, if any paired Bluetooth Headsets should be used with QuadCom or not.

    On iOS, if you paired already a bluetooth Headset or Bluetooth CarKit, you can manage this unter iOS System Settings on the Main System Setting View. QuadCom works even while your drive withyour bluetooth car kit and at least an EDGE / HSCDS Mobile Internet Connection to make and receive free calls.

    On Android and Desktop (Mac & PC) Version of QuadCom, you can manage further Audio Settings for Ringtones, Speaker, Webcam and Microphone Equipment you may will use.
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You can logg off from your QuadCom Account and Log-in with a different Account on any device. If you delete your QuadCom Account within the app, even accicdently, we are not able to restore your account. All stored datas are encrypted and deleting your account initiate a process over several clusters to clean your data forever. However, you can register with same Mobile again, but you may starting from scratch to add your buddies again, due new ID you will receive from us.

A Swiss Privacy Statement

As a small swiss provider, we ensure, your data is more secure than your money on swiss banks. We do not deal with customer data nor we do indexing user behaviours. Our Core Business is Carrier Interconnection, Secure Communication for SMBs and other authorities. Connecting people is our aim. We do not plan to include ads or sell your data to any third party organisation. We believe in privacy as a human right.

You can download QuadCom App directly from your favorite App Store or Download Links from below. It runs on iPodTouch, iPad and your iPhone, Google Android, Windows PC and Mac OS X. It regconize all your contacts, which already joined QuadCom for free in Contact List and Q Tab on Contact List. For each Invite to QuadCom trough yourself you will get a bonus of 0.2$ to make excellent calls to any network worldwide

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